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An extension of the Standard Quote object allows for faster product entry, editing, and reordering through minimal clicks on the same screen. Your salespeople spend less time navigating and more time selling.

Upsell Opportunities

Product bundling unlocks upsell opportunities by linking products to bundle constraints. Product filters restrict products based on quote parameters. Define price breaks and volume pricing with discount schedules.


Templates allow a consistent flow for quoting. Customized search functionality using look-up fields and product filters to select compatible configurations, avoid mismatched items, and reduce pricing errors.


Modify lines, quantities, prices, bundles, and discounts in-line

Accuracy of Data with the Use of Product Filters, Bundles, and Discount Schedules.

Group, clone or delete items

Increase Productivity with Streamlined Adoption through an effortless setup and the ability to edit a quote on the quote record page.

Configuration screens allow you to quickly modify appearance and behavior

Customized search functionality, Product Grouping, and Drag & Drop Line Reordering.

MuleSoft RPA Experts

Customizable Metadata

Declaratively sum product line values into group headers using customizable metadata/settings, and set up twin field capability between product and lines.

Customizable Line Item Visual Cues

Easily configure business line item rules or conditions, to notify users of out of bounds conditions.

Create Quotes from Other Objects

Create quotes directly from accounts, contacts using flow, provided flow templates, and have opportunities created automatically.