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Built on Salesforce

AgileComp works seamlessly within your Salesforce® instance, featuring all the simplicity, flexibility, and security benefits included with a 100% platform-native Lightning application.

Any Document or Object

Calculations utilize any standard, custom or 3rd party integration transactions, documents or objects.

Commission Splits

Split commissions between sales reps, based on specific transaction types or accounts.

Team Hierarchies

Add your sales reps and assign them to teams. You can rollup contributions to managers, divisions and regions, or even reassign between BDR/SDR’s and reps

Tier Attainment

Build your tiers and AgileComp automatically matches the commission base to the attained tier percentage payout.


In a few clicks you can easily adjust commission or gross profit. You can even adjust in bulk or update and import a spreadsheet and AgileComp will automatically recalculate the period.