Fast and Flexible Sales Commission Tracking

Specifically built for high-velocity sales teams across information technology and financial industries.

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Accelerate commissions management, all within Salesforce®

With AgileComp’s flexible, click-to-configure workflows, your team has the power to administer, automate and adjust even the most complex profit or revenue-based compensation logic with ease, utilizing any standard or custom Salesforce® objects and properties.

Best of all, you’ll be up and running in days, not weeks or months, so you can finally eliminate the friction between planning and delivering commissions.

AgileComp Commission Planning Features Include:

  • Advanced Contribution Logic
  • Tier, Step & Stepped Tier Attainment
  • Automation Schedule
  • Commission Splits
  • 3rd Party Accounting & ERP Integrations
  • 100% Salesforce® Native
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Great commissions software should work for you, not the other way around.

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AgileComp empowers your A-game

Great sales commission plans motivate your A-players

They set the standard and align sales performance to the goals that matter most to your organization. However, when commissions are tracked and managed haphazardly, inefficiencies and incremental costs can reduce or reposition the ROI of even the most promising plans well out of reach. 

Commission Planning & Management 

Administer, automate and adjust even the most complex profit or revenue-based compensation logic with ease.

Track Commissions Across Teams

Your team can always access their goals, quotas, attainment, and estimated payouts in real-time, from the office or the road.

Minimize Effort – Maximize ROI

Create and assign or combine revenue and/or gross profit goals that reps and managers can track over time.

Access commission tracking, anytime, anywhere

Easily identify your top salespeople and appropriately reward them to retain them while also monitoring and motivating your up-and-coming talent.

By using AgileComp, your team members can always access their goals, quotas, attainment, and estimated payouts in real-time from the office or the road. Accessibility empowers them to focus on and close business opportunities to line their wallets and boost the top and bottom lines.

Achieve the full ROI for your commission plans.

Resolve the recurring pain of payout periods and eliminate calculation discrepancies that hurt your organization and demotivate sales teams.

With AgileComp, updates, one-offs, and adjustments are a few straightforward clicks away. Eliminate lengthy and expensive custom development so you can finally reach the full ROI of optimized sales compensation and extract maximum business value from Salesforce for financial services.

Commission Management Features

  • Individual & Bulk Adjustments
  • Override Schedules, Dollar or Percent Payouts
  • “Best of” Logic
  • On-Demand Customer Support
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Backed by our A-Team

AgileComp was born from 50+ years of combined experience supporting high-velocity sales teams across information technology and financial industries. Through that experience, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. And those experiences have molded not only AgileComp, but the way our team works every day to deliver improved user experiences and on-demand customer support.

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