Jump in, make the switch to Lightning…

Don’t get left behind by not migrating to Salesforce® Lightning. Enable your admins and users to take advantage of the new, streamlined interface, Lightning-only features, and future-proof your org.

Lightning vs Classic

The visual difference is obvious, but is Lightning just a new fonts and images?  The simple answer is NO!  Lightning offers the following advantages over Classic:

  • Better Dashboards and Reports
  • More configurable Page Layouts
  • New Features NOT in Classic


Lightning offers a new programming framework SLDS (Salesforce Lightning Design System), pronounced “salads”.  Consequently this allows you to build applications with minimal knowledge of HTML, CSS or Javascript and includes:

  • Icons
  • Guidelines for building apps
  • Blueprints for building apps
  • Lightning Components

Lightning Migration

Our experienced team can help you make the migration to Lightning using our proven methodology.  In conjunction with several Salesforce built-in and accessible tools, we can determine what modifications, if any, are needed for your conversion:

  • Lightning Experience Transition Assistant
  • Lightning Readiness Assessor Reporting
  • Update of Sandboxes only

Check out our blog post on how to turn Lightning on for your org: