Jump in, make the switch to Salesforce Lightning…

Don’t get left behind by not migrating to Salesforce Lightning. Enable your admins and users to take advantage of the new, streamlined interface, Lightning-only features, and future-proof your org.

Lightning vs Classic

The visual difference is obvious, but is Lightning just a new fonts and images?  The simple answer is NO!  Lightning offers the following advantages over Classic:

  • Better Dashboards and Reports
  • More configurable Page Layouts
  • New Features NOT in Classic


Lightning offers a new programming framework SLDS (Salesforce Lightning Design System), pronounced “salads”.  Consequently this allows you to build applications with minimal knowledge of HTML, CSS or Javascript and includes:

  • Icons
  • Guidelines for building apps
  • Blueprints for building apps
  • Lightning Components

Lightning Migration

Our experienced team can help you make the migration to Lightning using our proven methodology.  In conjunction with several Salesforce built-in and accessible tools, we can determine what modifications, if any, are needed for your conversion:

  • Lightning Experience Transition Assistant
  • Lightning Readiness Assessor Reporting
  • Update of Sandboxes only

Check out our blog post on how to turn Lightning on for your org: