Oct 22
Oct 19

What is a spiff commission?

Spiff commissions are simply individual bonuses paid to a person or group of people based on a sales target.  Often, these bonuses are based on specific product criteria (i.e. sell 5 widgets get a $10 spiff, or the first person to sell this new product widget will receive a $100 spiff).  Since these conditions are generally spontaneous, commission systems don't normally incorporate spiffs into... read more →
Oct 08

What is a Salesforce Community?

If you're looking into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for your business, you've probably heard of Salesforce. Salesforce is the leading customer relationship management software provider. They have helped companies small and large with customer integration in the digital era. Customer-facing cloud communities have grown exponentially with their functionality, and Salesforce has... read more →
Aug 19
Aug 05
Jul 20

How to Send Mass Emails in Salesforce Lightning

Introduction Salesforce Lightning is the next generation of Salesforce. Study's show that it can help businesses save up to 25% of the time that developers spend building customizations. This certainly applies to sending mass emails to your valued customers. In fact, depending on your account level, you can send emails to up... read more →
Jul 10
Jul 03

Create a Custom Lightning Record Page in Salesforce

Understanding Lightning Components and Record Pages Salesforce Lightning Experience comes with a slick user interface that is easy to navigate and even easier to use right from the beginning. Lightning is built entirely out of what Salesforce calls Lightning Components, which are miniature applications designed to help users accomplish tasks.... read more →
Jun 26

Benefits of Lightning Service Cloud

Lightning Service Cloud Basics Salesforce is made up of many different applications designed to help users work faster and more effectively. Among these applications is Service Cloud. Unlike focusing on sales activities in Sales Cloud for example, Lightning Service Cloud lets you provide and track customer service activities. Service Cloud... read more →
Jun 24