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Features Sheet


Built on Salesforce

  • As a 100% native Lightning app, AgileQuote works seamlessly with your Salesforce® instance, featuring all the simplicity, flexibility, and security benefits you expect..

Flexible Configuration

Customize With Clicks Not Code

  • Administer the many features and options of AgileQuote:
    • Configure multiple templates for quote line and product search layouts.
    • Configure multiple views through templates.
    • Configure group header for quick edits.
    • Configure product filtering.

Customizable Metadata

  • Declaratively sum product line values into group headers using customizable metadata/settings, andset up twin field capability between product and lines.

Customizable Line Item Visual Cues

  • Easily configure business line item rules or conditions, to notify users of out of bounds conditions.

Discount Schedules

  • Creating discount schedules is simple and supports:
    • Set via step or tier
    • Reconfigure for specific line item requirements
    • Per unit price discounts
    • Disable at a line item level on quote
    • Percentage discounts
    • Utilizes standard discount field


Drag and Drop

  • AgileQuote allows dragging and dropping to:
    • Reorder line items
    • Reorder groups
    • Line items between groups

Create Quotes from Other Objects

  • Create quotes directly from accounts, contacts using flow, provided flow templates, and have opportunities created automatically.

Group Product Lines

  • Logically group quote products by category, type or any method you choose.

Clone Quotes

  • Clone quote on an existing opportunity, or a new one.

Easy Configurable Product Bundles

  • With AgileQuote, managing product bundles is a breeze, providing the ability to:
    • Create includes/excludes rules
    • Grouping of items
    • Display/hide bundle items on quote
    • Customized pricing
    • Re-configure on the quote screen

Quote Document

  • Use provided PDF with your own company logo
  • Create your own using Visualforce
  • Use packaged document generating tools like S-Docs, Nintex, or Conga

Accelerate commissions management, all within Salesforce.

With AgileComp’s flexible, click-to-configure workflows, your team has the power to administer, automate and adjust even the most complex profit or revenue-based compensation logic with ease, utilizing any standard or custom Salesforce objects and properties.

Best of all, you’ll be up and running in days, not weeks or months, so you can finally eliminate the friction between planning and delivering commissions.

Commission Planning Features

  • Advanced Contribution Logic
  • Tier, Step & Stepped Tier Attainment
  • Automation Schedule
  • Commission Splits

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