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Features Sheet


Built on Salesforce

  • AgileComp works seamlessly within your Salesforce instance, featuring all the simplicity, flexibility, and security benefits included with a 100% platform-native Lightning application.

Template Builder

Revenue or Gross Profit Templates

  • Click to configure and manage revenue or profit-based plan templates that factor expense and freight.

3rd Party Integration

  • Integrate your accounting or ERP system, such as Financial Force, Accounting Seed, or CPQ for maximum extensibility.

Any Document or Object

  • Calculations utilize any standard, custom or 3rd party integration transactions, documents or objects.

Automation Scheduler

  • Set your calculation schedule, then sit back while AgileComp automatically calculates commissions.

Commission Splits

  • Split commissions between sales reps, based on specific transaction types or accounts.

Payment Periods

  • Yearly, quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, daily: Whatever your payment period, AgileComp handles it.

Team Management

Team Hierarchies

  • Add your sales reps and assign them to teams. You can rollup contributions to managers, divisions and regions, or even reassign between BDR/SDR’s and reps

Payment Methods

  • AgileComp supports a range of payment methods, including:
    • Total Team Contribution
    • Individual Contribution
    • Commission Year Individual Period Payout Step
    • Commission Year Individual Period Payout Tier
    • Commission Year Team Period Payout Step
    • Commission Year Team Period Payout Tier

Attainment Schedules

Tier Attainment

  • Build your tiers and AgileComp automatically matches the commission base to the attained tier percentage payout.

Step Attainment

  • Step attainment schedules are easily calculated by AgileComp by “stepping” the commission base through each tier’s attainment requirements.

Goals & Reporting


  • Create and assign or combine revenue and/or gross profit goals that reps and managers can track over time.

Commission Statements

  • Reps and managers can always access and download tailored commission statements.

Reports and Dashboards

  • Provide customized Salesforce dashboards with pre-configured reports:
    • Commission Base Input by Team and Rep
    • Commission Payout by Rep
    • Goal Completion Percentage per Rep
    • Commission Adjustments per Rep
    • …or build your own!

SPIFs, Overrides & Adjustments


  • Create bespoke, time-based, bulk payout or percentage-based incentives and SPIFs. You can incorporate “best-of” logic or override entire attainment schedules.


  • In a few clicks you can easily adjust commission or gross profit. You can even adjust in bulk or update and import a spreadsheet and AgileComp will automatically recalculate the period.

Help & Support

Setup & Training

  • We’ll help you get up and running in days, not weeks or months, plus complimentary training and documentation to keep you running smoothly.

On-Demand Support

  • With AgileComp, you’ve got the power to manage your commissions. When you need help, we’ve got your back!

Accelerate commissions management, all within Salesforce.

With AgileComp’s flexible, click-to-configure workflows, your team has the power to administer, automate and adjust even the most complex profit or revenue-based compensation logic with ease, utilizing any standard or custom Salesforce objects and properties.

Best of all, you’ll be up and running in days, not weeks or months, so you can finally eliminate the friction between planning and delivering commissions.

Commission Planning Features

  • Advanced Contribution Logic
  • Tier, Step & Stepped Tier Attainment
  • Automation Schedule
  • Commission Splits

Backed by our A-Team

AgileComp was born from 50+ years of combined experience supporting high-velocity sales teams across information technology and financial industries. Through that experience we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. And those experiences have molded not only AgileComp, but the way our team works every day to deliver improved user experiences and on-demand customer support.


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