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Features Sheet


Built on Salesforce

  • AgileComp works seamlessly within your Salesforce® instance, featuring all the simplicity, flexibility, and security benefits included with a 100% platform-native Lightning application.

Template Builder

Revenue or Gross Profit Templates

  • Click to configure and manage revenue or profit-based plan templates that factor expense and freight.

3rd Party Integration

  • Integrate your accounting or ERP system, such as Financial Force, Accounting Seed, or CPQ for maximum extensibility.

Any Document or Object

  • Calculations utilize any standard, custom or 3rd party integration transactions, documents or objects.

Automation Scheduler

  • Set your calculation schedule, then sit back while AgileComp automatically calculates commissions.

Commission Splits

  • Split commissions between sales reps, based on specific transaction types or accounts.

Payment Periods

  • Yearly, quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, daily: Whatever your payment period, AgileComp handles it.

Team Management

Team Hierarchies

  • Add your sales reps and assign them to teams. You can rollup contributions to managers, divisions and regions, or even reassign between BDR/SDR’s and reps

Payment Methods

  • AgileComp supports a range of payment methods, including:
    • Total Team Contribution
    • Individual Contribution
    • Commission Year Individual Period Payout Step
    • Commission Year Individual Period Payout Tier
    • Commission Year Team Period Payout Step
    • Commission Year Team Period Payout Tier

Attainment Schedules

Tier Attainment

  • Build your tiers and AgileComp automatically matches the commission base to the attained tier percentage payout.

Step Attainment

  • Step attainment schedules are easily calculated by AgileComp by “stepping” the commission base through each tier’s attainment requirements.

Goals & Reporting


  • Create and assign or combine revenue and/or gross profit goals that reps and managers can track over time.

Commission Statements

  • Reps and managers can always access and download tailored commission statements.

Reports and Dashboards

  • Provide customized Salesforce dashboards with pre-configured reports:
    • Commission Base Input by Team and Rep
    • Commission Payout by Rep
    • Goal Completion Percentage per Rep
    • Commission Adjustments per Rep
    • …or build your own!

SPIFs, Overrides & Adjustments


  • Create bespoke, time-based, bulk payout or percentage-based incentives and SPIFs. You can incorporate “best-of” logic or override entire attainment schedules.


  • In a few clicks you can easily adjust commission or gross profit. You can even adjust in bulk or update and import a spreadsheet and AgileComp will automatically recalculate the period.

Help & Support

Setup & Training

  • We’ll help you get up and running in days, not weeks or months, plus complimentary training and documentation to keep you running smoothly.

On-Demand Support

  • With AgileComp, you’ve got the power to manage your commissions. When you need help, we’ve got your back!

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